Parts of Braces

To find out about the parts of braces, choose on the list below:




This is the main wire that fits into the brackets or other attachments, on the outside of your teeth. It provides most of the forces that move your teeth. The archwire also provides a track along which your teeth move.


The active clip is part or the ceramic self-ligating brackets. They hold the archwire in position in a similar fashion to the o-rings.


Elastics are small rubber bands used to provide special forces to your teeth. These forces cannot be achieved with archwires alone and require excellent patient cooperation.


Small attachments that are bonded to your teeth. Brackets transmit the forces from the archwire to your teeth. Both stainless steel and ceramic brackets may be utilised.


These little rings, or coloured modules are used to attach the archwire to the brackets. There are plenty of colours to choose from. The modules are red , orange, yellow, blue and green.


Small attachments used to apply forces to the archwire or individual teeth. These are usually used to attach rubber bands.

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